PSO2 Proxy and VPN

A free Proxy and VPN service for PSO2 Game (JP and SEA).
Works for PSO2 PC, PSO2ES, and PSO2 Vita version.
Made by sacrificing Dudu's and Monica's soul.
Big thanks to cyberkitsune for the script!

Last Update : May 23, 2016

Proxy name changed into seiryl proxy, new site in progress
For now please visit the new Facebook page for latest update !

Video Guide for Softether

Update : For SEA please use

Video Guide for OpenVPN

Update : For SEA please use


Download links for Game, VPN and Proxy service

PSO2 Proxy Config Address

This is only for JP client only with tweaker
Use this address at Tweaker > Orb > Other Tasks > Configure PSO2Proxy Server Settings

PSO2 Proxy SG Hop Config Address

This server uses SG > JP chaining, best for SEA players

PSO2 SEA Config File

This is config for SEA server
user : pso2sea@pso2sea
pass : pso2sea

PSO2 JP VPN Config File

This one is for JP Server only
user : pso2jp
pass : pso2jp

PSO2 JP VPN SG Hop Config File

This one is for JP but routed via SG, best for SEA region players
user : pso2
pass :

PSO2 SEA Download Link

Alternative download links for PSO2 SEA

Gameguard Download Error

There's an issue where you can't launch the game due to GameGuard.des error, in that case delete gameguard.pat file at your pso2_bin then download this file, and extract to pso2_bin replacing the existing one

PSO2 SEA Launcher Issue

For launcher not opening fix, you can download hosts file below, extract, and open it (just once), then u will be able to open the launcher


This will keep the server alive and for further upgrade. Thanks for the support !

It only takes ¥1900 each month to keep server alive

If you don't have PayPal, feel free to donate through BCA (8880003489)